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On the 23rd of June, 2017, I found some amazing drawings. They were done by an amazing artist. I know, I call many people I know through Deviantart amazing artists. But, that's because, I care to tell my honest, truthful opinion. 

Now, ow, the one I've met through Deviantart upon the posting of this journal, has quite the interesting idea for a web series. A series of young girls, based on classic monsters (Dracula,Frankenstein, etc.) living in the same dark mansion. What she's done so far, is very nice. It might not interest many of you, but it feel the need to spread the word. Her gallery, is one of the best, I have personally seen.

Check out her page, it really is awesome.


Hogan's Heroes. A television series, that ran from 1965-71. It's about Allied POWs, in a German POW camp, during WII, who sabotage the German war efforts. They have radio contact with London, and the French Underground (a network of spies, who all hail from countries the Nazis had conquered). Under the leadership of Colonel Robert Hogan, a proud member of the US Army Air Corps, the POWs are always successful. They get valuable information to London, and help people escape Germany (Other POWs, German defectors, spies on both sides, etc). Nothing they do goes on record, as the Germans running the camp would be punished (shot, arrested by the Gestapo, or transferred to cold and bloody Russian Front). The head of the camp, Colonel Klink, and the Sergeant of the guard, Sergeant Schultz, are very easy for Hogan to manipulate. 

My family has been watching Hogan's Heroes, for a very long time. It has become one of my favorite shows. I have created a total of five crossovers with Hogan's Heroes. They all connect. Four of these stories, are about how four certain groups (all from the series I have crossoed over) get captured and taken to Stalag 13, the prison camp where show takes place. They all lead up to my 'majority story' if you will. Where each of the four groups, has their own little missions, over which, Hogan supervises. When they're not doing that, they're assisting Hogan in missions we've seen in the show (not all of them, just select ones).  What are these groups? One animated show, one very good book series, alongside RWBY and Grim Tales. I don't know if they can be qualified as good, that's up to the readers. All those stories are on my other account, on the other website. Now, the wonderful thing is, even if you don't have an account in that website, you can leave a review, and let me know your thoughts. Just leave the name you use here on Deviantart, and I'll know it's you. 

On a side note, I'd like to thank Deviantart use Methowolf, for drawing a few requests of mine. She is a very good artist, check out her page. 

Final note.. My next Deviantart activity. I've been pushing my other stories. I will bring one, over here. It will not be Grim Tales (I've posted chapter ten). It won't be RWBY (I love it, but I already have an artist drawing one if my many stories of RWBY). Also, I know it seems weird, but the story I bring, will not be related to Hogan's Heroes. I'm sorry. 

What will it be? Well, I won't tell you the name of the book series, but I've written a large number of stories with this book series. I don't name it.. As I want it to be a surprise. 

I wilk uplaod it soon. 
(I apologize for a ridiculously long wait. Plus.. I know not many of you like me suckering you, but I'm still deciding a song, for the concert. It will be in chapter eleven.$ 
(A few months after arrival in Glasgow). 

Junior sighed, laying down on his bed. He said, "Paperwork bloody sucks." He'd just been through ten hours of paperwork for their concert in Edinburgh. He loved the opportunity to show the girls his hometown, and preform for it's people. But he hated the paperwork. That, and their agent freaking sucked. Junior and Minnie's mother sent him, to act as their agent and protect them, just in case. What sucked about him? He was crazy. He found Death, amusing. He always carried  a gun, (multiple guns, actually) always wore purple (yet somewhat formal) and was always smiling. And laughing. His name? Junior didn't know it. He simple knew his first name, and last initial. Jack N. Junior always felt there was something wrong with their agent. He even began to question his mother's sanity. 

He laid on his bed, waiting for something to happen. Then, he felt a hand on his chest. He saw Chi, laying next to him. She soon came up to him, and started nuzzling him. She asked, "What's wrong? We're here, we have a concert, and you have time to relax with us." She slightly opened her shirt, showing cleavage, "Relax. I'll get the others in here, and we'll have some.." She chuckled, "Real fun." She'd been planning. She'd fallen in love, not only with Junior, but also with Minnie and Mimi. She loved Minnie's caring, civilized manners, and her love of her brother. It maybe obsessive, but she loved it. 
She'd already loved Mimi for a while, but now she was in love with three people (two of them women). 

Junior said, "Personally, Chi, I like Ye, really I do, but I'd much rather just sleep right now. Ten hours, of stayin' awake, even for a Reaper, is far too much." He shifted, "Particularly, when it's spent doing lousy paperwork of all things!" He did however, send her off, with a kiss to her cheek. He fell asleep. 

Chi put her hand to her cheek, surprised by Junior's kiss. She whispered, knowing Junior wouldn't hear her, "I'm never washing this cheek again." 

She left, shutting Junior's door, and squealed into the pillow on her own bed. Squealing like a giddy schoolgirl. It might have been a minuscule thing, but she at least got a kiss from Junior. It's not one of the three places she wanted him to kiss, but it was still a kiss. She decided something. After they were done in Scotland, they'd tour all of Europe. Including France. She decided for her real plan, she'd wait for Paris. 

She looked up, and saw what the other girls were doing. Minnie was practicing the traditional Scottish Highland dance. She wanted to be closer to her brother's culture, and felt this was a good way to do so. Her plaid skirt, however, was a bit shorter than the usual paid skirt. 

Mimi was analyzing the heart shaped crystal, containing her mother's soul pieces. In the past two months, the five of them had been to seven of the eight Major Scottish cities they'd planned. Seven cities, seven pieces. However, Glasgow, being the largest city in Scotland, took four days to find it's piece. Mimi was watching it carefully, on her knees. Her face, looking at the crystal, watching it glow a distinct orange glow. It was pulsing, as if to say, 'there is one more piece in this country. Find it.' Problem.. Mimi's rear end, was staring Chi in the face. 

Macreline was on her guitar. She was singing, "Rock of ages! Still rolling! Rock N' Rollin!" She'd been waiting for their concert. True, they didn't pick the song she was singing (unless their company told them to), but everyone needed to practice. Hell, whenever Junior wasn't doing paperwork, or hanging with the girls, he was practicing his guitar. Marceline even called Junior, 'the next Ozzy.' Granted, only she and Junior knew what that meant, but still. 

Chi simply said, "Well, I should practice, myself." She picked up her keyboard, and started playing. She felt amazing, practicing. It helped her, to keep perfect on her instrument.  Soon, she saw the others applauding. She blushed. 

Soon, a knock was heard at the door, and Marceline answered it. It was their agent. He said, looking around, "Well, I hate to do this to you, but I can't stay very long. Her Majesty, is demanding my report." He handed her a briefcase, "Inside is everything you need to know, about the Edinburgh concert. I'll be back,once you're done." As he left, he said, "Before I go, I tell you this. My smile is only skin deep. Inside, I'm really crying. You might join me for a weep!" He started laughing, and left. 

Marceline said, "Yep. Gotta agree with Junior. There is something wrong with that man." She brought the briefcase inside, and saw everything they needed to know about the concert in Edinburgh. The only thing they didn't know.. The song to play they'd ask Junior.. But he was sleeping. Once he woke, maybe. 

(Meanwhile. Lucifer's horn). 

The Big Four were climbing up the mountain, being attacked by the enemy. Hunson ripped them apart, Aku tore through them like shreds. Grim sliced them like bread. Mandy shot her opponents. Almost like she had an unlimited number of bullets. Soon, the last one was dead. Mandy's phone sounded. 

Grim asked, "May I ask, why you entrusted the training of our children, to two mass murderers? Or why you made a clown-like madman, their agent." 

Mandy replied, "First, Jason guards the vault. His training the kids, is simply being assigned higher pay. Him and Ol' Fred have put their differences aside, in the name of serving me. I entrusted the clown with their safety, because I know he can do it." She answers her phone, "What is it?"

Her man on the other side said, "Only four places in Europe have the enemy been sighted. Kids are safe, getting ready for their concert in Edinburgh. Money involved for all of us. Me, them, Fred and Jason, and all four of you."

Mandy, nor wanting to pass up a chance for more money said, "Good. Make sure that we get it. All of it. I want my share." She hung up, "Alright, let's keep going."

(Back in Glasgow).

Junior was woken by his little sister. She said, "Brother. It's time to plan. Our concert in Edinburgh  is just two days away!" 

Junior said, "Alright." He got up, and walked into the room. He saw the papers and said, "Well, everything's in order. We just need to decide a song." 

The five of them stood there, wondering about what song to play. 

(I hope I won't be Long for the next one).
Why have I not seen more of this? I understand it sounds pretty hard, but I don't personally believe so. Mixing RWBY (a show that, I and numerous others find pretty good) with Dracula (which I personally find pretty awesome). I know Dracula is usually considered a Halloween sort of thing, but if you're like me and you could read stuff like Grim Tales and Dracula all year round, you just do as you please with it. 

So.. Why so few ideas? Not only here on Deviantart, but also on the other website I post my stories, and even on YouTube? I had an idea for a story, and for an AMV on YouTube, but on YouTube, do what sort of devices I have, I'm limited on what I can do. So, as I can't draw, I have to rely on others. But I never do so, with anyone who isn't willing. 

The story, which I will write on the other website, the world of RWBY has the same sort of legends as Dracula. While the people of Patchylvania (Transylvania, mixed with Ruby's home the island of Patch) know their legends to be as real as they are, a traveler from Atlas (RWBY's equivalent to England) doesn't believe in these legends. When meeting Countess Ruby Rose, (or Weiss Schnee, depending on which one of the two I make Dracula) the traveler has his blood drained, and the aging Countess is made young again. She travels to Atlas, and causes terror. Along the way, she meets Weiss (or Ruby, again depending on who I make who) and the shipping commences.  I think it'd be interesting. Then.. Finding an artist will be the hard part. 

The AMV idea.. There are TWO.. not one but TWO.. Dracula musicals. The first having the songs 'Fresh Blood' and the 'Master's Song.' The other has 'I'm really not insane' and 'I am Condemned.' The idea is the Countess (see above) sings one of the two songs. Then,  another character (which could be anyone) as Renfield sings one of the other two (Renfield sings 'Master's Song' and 'I'm really not insane'). 

I know it's asking WAY too much, but it's just something I'd like to see, and I wonder why I haven't before. Sorry. 

That's all for now.
Now, I shift my focus. Chapter 10, will be out soon, but I'd like to this out of my way first. My stories are progressing well enough. However, I'm still looking for artists. I've recently been introduced to something called, 'Traditional Medium" art style. The artist drawing my what if story (a very nice Deviantart user who calls himself RazorSwordNinja) uses this style. 

This is not a style I intend to use for all my stories, but I intend to find willing artists who use this style, for certain stories. When I mark these stories, on the other website, it will be obvious.  I provided links to my stories, but, I decided to do something else. 

I will provide a link to my account directly. Then, anyone willing can look at ALL my stories, look at the titles, and what they're about, and see if they want to draw. I hope to meet you all, and hope you like my stories. 

That's all for now. Link below. See you next time.

On the 23rd of June, 2017, I found some amazing drawings. They were done by an amazing artist. I know, I call many people I know through Deviantart amazing artists. But, that's because, I care to tell my honest, truthful opinion. 

Now, ow, the one I've met through Deviantart upon the posting of this journal, has quite the interesting idea for a web series. A series of young girls, based on classic monsters (Dracula,Frankenstein, etc.) living in the same dark mansion. What she's done so far, is very nice. It might not interest many of you, but it feel the need to spread the word. Her gallery, is one of the best, I have personally seen.

Check out her page, it really is awesome.




United States
I chose the name Commander, because I am obsessed with Cobra Commander. I have constantly tried to contact Bleedman, because I am a writer, I can't draw. Nor, can I really operate a digital drawing device. So hence, I need an illustrator. I have 16 stories on FanFiction.Net. (Hellsing Tales, is one of them.) I have things to discuss, with Bleed